Scholarship ends university drought

12 July 2019

Cattle farmer Tim Bonner always hoped to send his son Adam to university. When a decade-long drought drove the family into financial hardship, a UQ Young Achievers scholarship provided Adam with the chance to achieve his dream of going from bush to business.

While he chose to play to his strengths when selecting a program, Adam credits his family’s financial history with his decision to study commerce and business management.
“My interests and strengths were in those areas,” he said.
“But with the financial struggles that my family had been through, I knew that if I could study and learn those skills, then I could also directly help my own family.” And that he has. He has now completed a business analysis on their farm and is helping to implement new strategies to improve the financial stability of the business.

UQ's Contact Magazine shares Adam's journey to be the first in his family to get to university and his next ambitious goal to implement financial education programs within schools around Australia.

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