UQ Business School offers scholarships to help women in the superannuation industry

9 July 2019

The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School has partnered with Women in Super Queensland (WIS QLD) to provide support for women in leadership and executive roles related to the superannuation industry, with three scholarship places on offer.

The inaugural scholarships are an important step in promoting equal participation of women at all levels within the superannuation and financial services industry.

The scholarships include one place in the UQ Business School Leadership for Executive Women course and two places in a choice of courses including; Designing Strategy for Results, Optimising Influence in Negotiation, Advanced Presentation Skills and a new course – Innovation for Productivity and Business Improvement.

WIS QLD seeks to provide education, training and support to women in the superannuation industry, and to develop and broaden women’s business, professional and personal networks.

WIS QLD Financial Advisor, Melissa Lloyd shares her insights into why the scholarships are an important step in developing women in the finance and executive sectors, helping to develop their skills and advance their careers.

What impact do you think these scholarships will have for WIS members and women in superannuation sectors?

There is so much pressure on women in today’s society from all aspects of our lives. Trying to maintain a successful career, manage a family, household and work towards a comfortable retirement.

The UQ Business School scholarships on offer to our members are second to none. They give them the ability to boost their education and qualifications without having to factor in the cost from a financial and time perspective.

Why do you think these sorts of scholarships and courses are important?

As the saying goes, knowledge is power! Courses like these challenge women to put themselves out of their comfort zones and further their education in a space they may not have previously considered. They also help to boost their self-confidence, employment and future career opportunities.

Do you think these course scholarships give women a competitive advantage?

Absolutely! Although having a degree is not necessarily always going to land you the dream job, I think that employers these days want to see a level of commitment from their staff to their own self-improvement.

Having further education on your CV shows you’re committed to improving yourself, and this certainly helps women stand out. The type of courses available through the scholarships are also world-class, with high-quality facilitators – having access to this type of education speaks for itself. 

 Why do you think it is important for members to keep advancing their knowledge throughout their careers?

I believe that improving your knowledge brings so many benefits to anyone’s career. It leads to an increase in employment opportunities – the more skills you have, the wider the options that are available to you. Training also provides you with personal growth through networking, time management and communication skills.

If you are a Women in Super Member, you can apply HERE.