Master of Business Analytics

Join the next generation of data savvy professionals skilled in solving global problems through the emerging field of business analytics.

Continuing business disruption has created an unprecedented demand for data analysis capabilities. Designed for business professionals of the future, this innovative master’s program encourages a new take on data. You’ll gain a unique ability to communicate data insights across organisational functions and transform direction.

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What you'll learn

Drawing on business, data science and philosophy insights, you’ll gain a hybrid, holistic understanding of business analytics and their application. You’ll learn how to interpret analytics for social, cultural and environmental business opportunities through responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI), ethics and strategy. What makes this program unique is its focus on business analytics for social good.

Address real business problems and social issues

Online and part time

Collaborate with industry

Tailored professional development opportunities

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Program structure

Blending research and best practice in business leadership, data science and ethics, this master’s program adopts a cross-disciplinary perspective to prepare you for emerging business challenges. To successfully complete the Master of Business Analytics, you must fulfill the following program requirements:

How you'll learn

Designed to be flexible and interactive, this online, part-time master’s program will fit easily into your busy lifestyle. By joining a small but diverse virtual community, you’ll connect and network with other students via our private Facebook group. Enjoy access to UQ student support services and resources while learning from award winning teachers and scholars from the comfort of home.

With three intakes and study periods each year, you can start studying this two-year postgraduate degree when it suits you.

Career outcomes

Designed for professionals of the future, this master’s program will prepare you for data-focused roles in any industry. Your cross-functional business analytics and leadership skills will prove in-demand in an ever-changing business world.

Potential graduate careers

  • Business analytics specialist
  • Business data analyst
  • Data analytics translator
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Analytics product manager
  • Data governance specialist 
  • Analytics project manager
  • Marketing analytics specialist

While these are examples of the kind of roles you could end up in, this program will also prepare you for future roles that don’t yet exist.

Learn more about the exciting field of business analytics

  • Even though we interact with some form of artificial intelligence (AI) every day, a new report from UQ Business School researchers discovered two-thirds of Australians don’t trust AI systems. This raises the question: What does this mean for the future of Australian businesses?
  • Most people say they care about their personal information being shared online. However, a much smaller percentage of people actually take the necessary actions to preserve their privacy. Dr Ivano Bongiovanni discusses why actions don’t always match beliefs when it comes to data.
  • A new, high-value asset is being traded on global markets. Described as ‘the new oil’, data has powered the growth of digital giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook by allowing them to target customers more effectively and boost sales. Companies need to develop a more ethical approach or face a backlash, says UQ Business School data expert Dr Ida Someh.

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How to apply

To commence study September 2021, applications close 31 July 2021.