Is Your Firm Ready for Generation Z?

14 May 2012
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With a new, more educated and outspoken generation about to enter the workforce, companies are being asked to consider what strategies they need to manage this new breed of employees.

The question - Smart enough for Gen Z? – is one of a series posed by UQ Business School to businesses, encouraging them to consider the issues they will face in ten years time. It is part of a campaign to mark the school’s tenth anniversary.

According to UQ Business School Professor Victor Callan, Gen Z have been taught to say what they think from an early age and promise to be a challenging generation to employ.

“They are true digital natives,” says Professor Callan. “Their experiences with technology (instant messaging, texting) and the almost instantaneous communication habits carry across to a belief that they should be able to contact and communicate with anyone, irrespective of position or authority. I know many an older CEO who is surprised at how new recruits and casual staff from the Gen Z group expect to be able to communicate regularly with the most senior people in their business”.

Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School, said: “As we celebrate the end of our first decade, we’re encouraging firms to consider what the business environment will look like a decade ahead and what challenges they will face.

“UQ Business School aims to help firms to keep abreast of the issues and be prepared. Over the next ten years we will be playing a key role in helping Australian business to adapt to the changes and develop the skills and solutions necessary to support a thriving economy.”