Information Systems Expert Celebrates Triple Success

21 Jan 2013
Andrew Burton Jones

A University of Queensland Business School academic who specialises in information systems has won a triple accolade.

Professor Andrew Burton-Jones has been awarded the Technology VISION award by the Association for Information Systems, the leading global organisation for information systems experts. The award recognises those who have contributed significantly to its technology vision and was presented to him at the International Conference on Information Systems in Orlando.

Andrew has also been named as the Best Associate Editor of 2012 by Information Systems Research journal, and appointed as Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly for a three-year term. The journals are regarded as the top two in their field and are on the Financial Times list of top business journals.

Andrew, who completed his masters degree at UQ Business School in the late 1990’s, spent seven years with the University of British Columbia in Vancouver before returning to Australia last year to take up his current role as a Professor of Business Information Systems.

In addition to his teaching, he also carries out research into ways to help organisations design better information systems and use them more effectively.

Professor Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School, said: “These are the latest in a series of successes for Andrew, and underline the high esteem in which he is held by his fellow academics around the world.”