UQ Business School excels in ARC Discovery Grants

11 Dec 2014

UQ Business School reception

UQ Business School academics have successfully acquired Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grants worth over $500,000 to fund their upcoming research projects.

The ARC Discovery Projects scheme provides funding for research projects that can be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

The projects scheme supports excellent basic and applied research, enhances the scale and focuses of research in the National Research Priorities, expands Australia’s knowledge base and research capability, and encourages research and research training in high-quality research environments.

The projects receiving funding are:

Business and Management

Professor Neal Ashkanasy; Professor Rebecca Bennett; Emeritus Professor Mark Martinko

2015 $65,000.00; 2016 $67,100.00; 2017 $65,000.00 – Total $197,100.00

Employees in both public and private sector organisations are today being urged to do more with less. Consequently work team supervisors are under pressure to demand more effort from subordinates. But when does this cross the line to become abusive supervision? This project proposes to develop and test a framework intended to explain, from an employee's perspective, how supervisors can motivate their subordinates to perform and at the same time avoid being seen as abusive.


Associate Professor Brent Ritchie; Dr Andy Choi, Professor Stefan Gossling; Professor Larry Dwyer

2015 $62,000.00; 2016 $60,400.00; 2017 $64,000.00 – Total $186,400.00

The demand for aviation is rapidly adding to carbon emissions. Little is known about consumer preferences for aviation carbon offsets and how they evolve over time. This hinders the expansion of voluntary schemes at a crucial period in history. This research will investigate consumers offset preferences and their willingness to pay for aviation carbon mitigation using a novel time series methodology.

Banking, Finance and Investment

Professor Tom Smith; Professor Jing Shi; Professor Terrance O’Neill; Associate Professor Kathleen Walsh; Associate Professor Karen Benson; Professor Gary Tian; Dr Mamiza Haq

2015 $70,000.00; 2016 $68,100.00; 2017 $72,000.00 – Total $210,100.00

The literature on the importance of political connections to firms and their value implications is scant. This project aims to develop a framework that depicts the interplay of political connections, institutional factors, corporate governance, media coverage and firm value.

UQ Business School is the only school nationwide to be awarded grants within the areas of Tourism, and Banking, Finance, and Investment.

UQ Business School Dean, Professor Andrew Griffiths, said that these grants signify another excellent achievement for the School.

“To be the only School nationwide to be approved for grants in Tourism, and Banking, Finance, and Investment speaks volumes about the quality of teaching and research that takes place at UQ Business School. I congratulate everyone involved on their success,” he said.