Peter Masters

8 Mar 2015
Peter Masters

Could you describe shortly your current role, what it involves and give some background information on your current company?

Future Considerations is a management consultancy which helps to develop leaders and help organisations find direction and purpose in complex business environments. I manage the website, blog and e-newsletter. I project manage a number of invitations to tender and am responsible for two client relationships.

What do you remember most about your time at UQ Business School?

I vividly remember the times that I spent with the student association AIESEC UQ. Rather than just being introduced to employers, I started managing existing relationships with them - a far deeper learning experience - plus I made heaps of friends from UQ and QUT. The association runs like a business rather than a club - I was both learning and doing business at the same time and felt that the UQ Business School really supported this entrepreneurial flair. Now I can say I have built networks across the five major capital cities in Australia, participated in conferences in Malaysia, Lithuania and Portugal and volunteer experience in Turkey.

What impact did UQ Business School have on your career and the way you operate within your current job?

I learned the theory of what business is all about. While you won't necessarily be required to quote it in a job interview, it gives you good basic knowledge of how organisations work.

What key piece of advice would you give for anyone wanting to start a degree at UQ Business School?

Drive your own learning. Identify the way that you learn - visual, aural or tactile - then ensure you get the most out of your course. I am a tactile learner - I learn by doing. So I made sure I got real work experience and joined student associations to put classroom theory into practice. UQ Business School gives you a fantastic platform to thrive, but it is up to you to make the experience your own.


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