Alumni give students insight into the life of a tech consultant

24 May 2016
Alumni presenters

UQ Business School alumni Vivian Chen and Dan Meara visited postgraduate students enrolled in the Information Systems for Management (MGTS7202) course to deliver a lecture sharing their work experiences and detailing their career paths as Technical Consultants for the service firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

PwC is the largest professional services firm in the world and provides services to a global network of organisations from 157 countries.

Ms. Chen and Mr. Meara provided the students with an insider’s view of PwC’s functions, and an in depth explanation of how PwC works with clients to solve important problems and provide expert advice.

Vivian Chen graduated with a Bachelor of Business Science, followed by a Master of Commerce (Advanced) in 2013, and Dan Meara graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2014.

Ms. Chen now works for PwC in the area of technology consulting on enterprise applications and transformation, and her areas of expertise include process improvement, project management, business reporting and digital applications and solutions.

Mr. Meara works for PwC in the area of risk assurance, digital trust and internal auditing. Since taking on this role, he has helped clients identify risks in key business areas, particularly in IT, and has provided recommendations on how best to address these findings.

“Most client engagements I work on involve an in depth understanding of issues or limitations with the IT environment and how the IT environment interacts with the rest of the organisation.

“Many of the courses I studied enabled me to understand key concepts including: networks, system architecture, roles of IT staff and database languages. This understanding gave me a solid foundation for my work which constantly walks the boundaries between technology and the physical world,” he said.

Associate Professor Sabine Matook said she was proud and thrilled to see alumni from Business Information Systems being so successful in their careers.

“It is always very valuable to have industry speakers in your classroom, but having a speaker who is a former student is very special. Both were outstanding students and are now successful professionals with a leading professional services company. The experiences they shared provide current students with a deeper understanding of expectations, challenges, but also rewards of working in the service industry,” she said.

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