MBA student takes out top design award

26 Jun 2017

Ampfibian director and UQ Business School MBA student Oliver Kratzer has recently taken out an Australian Good Design Award in the hardware and building product design category for the innovative product, the X1 weatherproof extension cord connector protector.

Oliver, who had twenty years of hands-on experience running businesses and not-for-profits before beginning his MBA, said his decision to return to study was about adding a higher level of skill and knowledge to his work, and give Ampfibian the best chance of success.

“The goal for the MBA is to round out my business knowledge. The difference between an average decision and a great one is often not readily apparent, but over time all the little decisions add up resulting in either a stellar or a mediocre business”, he said.

“There are some very bright people enrolled (in the MBA) who are willing to share their experience and expertise. It’s great to talk shop with motivated people who offer deep insights into a broad variety of business issues.

For those in a similar position to Oliver and considering an MBA he offered the following advice:

“It really sharpens your thinking and forces you to question your assumptions, biases and point of view”, he said.

“By the time you’re seriously considering an MBA, you’ve already got some runs on the board: you’re organised, focused, have been in charge of other people, so professionally you’re up for it, but be crystal clear why you want to do it” he said.

His hard work and dedication to business success was rewarded with their recent win at the Australian Good Design Awards, the first competition they have entered the X1 in to.
“We are so completely stoked to walk away with this award. We work hard to provide well designed, quality Australian-made products,” said Oliver.

The Australian Good Design Awards are an annual awards program hosted in Sydney which attracts entries from all around the world including leading design companies such as Dyson, Tesla, Miele and Breville.

“The Australian Good Design Awards attracted innovative entries from all corners of the world and the standard of submissions this year has really been incredible,” said Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program.