Google Scholar rewards ‘Classic Paper’ status to an influential publication by UQ Business School expert

10 Apr 2018

Google Scholar has awarded their newly introduced and exclusive Classic Paper status to a paper by UQ Business School Associate Professor and Marketing expert Jay Weerawardena. His co-authored paper (2006) with Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort in the Journal of World Business titled ‘Investigating social entrepreneurship: A multi-dimensional model’ (41(1), p 21-35), has been listed as one of the ten classic papers that have been published for the ten-year period from 2006 -2017 in the ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ category.

Google Scholar, introducing these papers indicates, “We are releasing Classic Papers, a collection of highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time.”

Currently the paper has been cited 1062 times (as of 10 April 2018) and has made a notable impact to advance the social entrepreneurship and social innovation-based value creation field.

“The paper highlights several behavioural characteristics that are unique to social entrepreneurs who pursue social innovation to deliver greater value to their targeted communities,” Associate Professor Weerawardena said.

“We started in 2003 when there was so much interest all over the world to better understand social entrepreneurship – the new breed of entrepreneurs whose contribution to the economy and societal well-being was increasingly evident.

“However, there was so much confusion about the concept and how do these entrepreneurs undertake social innovation to create greater value to the disadvantaged in the economy.

“With the funding support from the UQ Business School, we started extensive field work in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne interviewing the CEOs of non-profits.  With their valuable insights we published several papers covering social entrepreneurship, social innovation and building sustainable social purpose organizations. These papers have made a pioneering contribution to advance the field.”

Associate Professor Weerawardena is a thought leader in dynamic capabilities and innovation-based firm competitive advantage. He has led discussion sessions and plenary sessions in reputed international forums.

Currently, with a team of internationally reputed researchers he examines how business model innovation is undertaken in social purpose organizations and how such innovations enable them to build sustainable organizations creating greater dual value (social and economic) to their stakeholders.