How politics fails the evidence test

25 November 2019

Most Australians want both sides of politics to commit to a good policy-making process, even though parties clash on values and goals. That requires public servants and ministers applying a management 101 ‘business case’ approach to making policy. 

However,  the overwhelming majority of federal and state legislation examined failed to answer many if not most of such “Right to Know” information. Australia prides itself for being an advanced democracy, but its public decision making remains opaque.

UQ Business School Emeritus Professor Kenneth Wiltshire devised criteria to analyse forty pieces of high profile legislation benchmarked against good ‘business case” criteria in both 2018 and 2019. Only 30 per cent were done well.

Read more in The Australian Financial Review about how Australian politics needs to adjust its policy-making process in order to benefit the population its serving, and how Emertius Professor Wiltshire's benchmark criteria will help make that change. 

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