This is why universities need strong strategic leadership

20 November 2019

Universities are remarkably robust. The average age of the top 20 European universities is 345 years. They are not only resilient in the face of profound historic changes; they are indispensable to society. Addressing universities’ opportunities and problems in an age of uncertainty requires outstanding strategic leadership. 

Professor Mark Dodgson, who specialises in innovation studies from The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School, and Professor David Gann, an innovation management expert from Imperial College, discuss the importance of needing strong strategic leadership at universities for them to flourish in their latest blog on the The World Economic Forum.

Both professors believe the way forward for universities is to have leaders who can look beyond the current landscape and think critically about the position their organisation is in and where it wants to be. Universities need leaders who can use their knowledge of the field and stakeholders, then accompany that with new ideas from industry and research. 

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