Using AI to understand customer experiences

12 May 2021

Business School research experts have developed an AI-driven approach that can be used as a model to analyse customer feedback.

Professor of Marketing, Director of Research at the Business School, and Co-Lead of the Service Innovation Alliance (SIA) Research Hub, Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy, joins Dr Mohamed Zaki and Professor Andy Neely from the Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge as co-authors for the paper entitled 'Using AI To Track How Customers Feel - In Real Time'. Their article was featured in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) to discuss AI models and tools as an alternative approach to standard quantitative surveys.

AI tools have not yet been widely adopted by marketers and customer experience managers, and can offer useful insight into understanding customer experiences.

A major problem of surveys is the inability to pick up on important emotional responses. On the other hand, customer comments offer a more reliable predictor of customer behaviour and emotions, and AI can help analyse these in valuable depth.

Explore these experts’ AI model using a customer-focused framework and learn more about the six key benefits in their research.

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