UQ Commerce & Economics alumnus named one of the six BOSS Young Executives

24 Jun 2021

UQ Bachelor of Commerce and Economics alumnus, Fahim Khondaker, is one of the six BOSS Young Executives named for 2021. It was his involvement and critical thinking to help the plight of elderly citizens during the Royal Commission into Aged Care and Safety that made him stand out.

UQ alumnus, Fahim Khondaker (image, BDO)

It is not every day that a chartered accountant is asked to appear as an expert witness before a royal commission, but that is exactly what happened to Fahim Khondaker last December. Khondaker, is a partner in data analytics and insights at accounting firm BDO, where the aged care royal commission is a client.

Khondaker’s team was tasked by the commission with figuring out whether the aged care sector was viable, requiring analysis of thousands of financial statements.

Khondaker’s interest in the project lay not in the actual data, but in the ability of the data and BDO to play a role in helping solve societal problems.

“I’m not a data person,” says the Brisbane-based Khondaker, cheerily. “I lead analytics but I can’t code. I’m an accountant and an economist.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love the cutting edge nature of finding a new way to solve a traditional problem...But what really drives me is the ability to use that to bring social impact.

“[The royal commission] gave me a chance to help address a significant social issue; how we care for our elderly citizens.”

As part of the BOSS Young Executives program, 10 finalists were chosen to take part in a day-long simulation of a day in the life of a CEO.

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