Are you interested in learning new research techniques that extend beyond traditional survey and qualitative techniques? Are you keen to differentiate your research when competing for research grants, targeting top tier academic publications and/or wanting to innovate your PhD research? This two-day workshop and research hackathon could be for you!

UQ currently has a number of behavioural science research labs, located in the Business School, the School of Psychology and the School of Music. These labs hold psychophysiological measurement tools that allow researchers to evaluate objective and unbiased emotional responses to stimuli. For example, eye tracking technology, instrumentation to measure emotional arousal and valance via skin conductance and facial muscle movement as well as facial movement recognition software. These advanced research technologies offer fascinating insights into human behaviour across multiple discipline areas and we are excited to invite you to our two-day training workshop to develop your skills in these methods. The workshop will be run by the founders of this technology – imotions  and facilitated by Dr Gabby Walters from the UQ Business School and Dr Mary Broughton from the School of Music.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines to design a research project using imotions technologies by participating in our research hackathon. Better still, our imotions specialists will also provide feedback and further guidance on your proposed projects. We will continue to facilitate these collaborations with an opportunity to present your research during research week 2022. This workshop is a great opportunity to ‘upskill’ your research capabilities and become a leader in your field in lab-based technologies.


Lunch will be provided. For catering purposes please register before Friday 26 November 2021.

At the in-person event, please adhere to all government-mandated restrictions and remember to maintain 1.5m distance from others. Please stay home if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms and refer to the Queensland Health website if you would like more information regarding COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.


Day 1
9am12pm imotions training delivered via zoom by US based imotions specialist
1–4pm Interdisciplinary Research Hackathon
Day 2
9am12pm imotions training continued with feedback on research designs
14pm Interdisciplinary Research Hackathon continued



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