Future of Health

Future of Health: New Perspectives to Transform Healthcare Delivery

In developed countries across the world, healthcare spending is rising steadily as ageing populations, an epidemic of chronic disease, advances in biomedical knowledge, increased digital healthcare innovations and higher public expectations place additional demands on services.

In Australia, for example, health expenditure rose by an average of 5% a year in real terms over the last decade, outstripping GDP growth of 2.8%. In locations worldwide, healthcare delivery systems are now reaching breaking-point and there is an urgent need to develop new working practices innovative business and funding models.

The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School’s experts bring new perspectives to this debate. With backgrounds in areas such as innovation, management, strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, information systems, economics and technology, they work alongside clinicians and healthcare leaders to help address the challenges in the Future of Health.

Through our work with private and public healthcare providers, patients and families, we are internationally recognised as thought leaders in the healthcare sector.

The Future of Health initiative draws together the School’s expertise across different disciplines to help transform healthcare delivery for the benefit of patients and society at large.

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Professor Andrew Burton-Jones
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Dr Nicole Hartley
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Professor Victor Callan
Professor of Leadership and Management



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Future of Health Experts

Business School academics who span management, strategy, business information systems, and accounting work together to improve the quality and impact of research related to the future of health.

UQ Business School experts plan and execute impactful research to lead change in healthcare delivery and plan for future-focused health innovations. Our researchers and academics have deep relationships with industry partners at a public, private and not-for-profit level, also engaging and influencing key policymakers.


Professor Andrew Burton-Jones – Design, use, and governance of IT in healthcare

Professor Victor Callan – Health leadership and change management service delivery and design

Dr Nicole Hartley – Health innovation and technology, patient experience, health

Key Researchers

Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy – Patient-centred care, health service co-creation, patient experience

Professor Nicole Gillespie – Adoption of virtual health services, change management, trust in health services, leadership.

Associate Professor Damian Hine

Associate Professor April Wright – Institutional change and identity in healthcare

Associate Professor Paul Spee – Strategy processes in healthcare

Dr Anna Jenkins - Processes and activities involved in creating high impact startups, how small businesses manage setbacks and failures

Dr Anthony Davidson - Marketing and sustainability, value co-creation, consumer experience 

Dr Gemma Irving – Physical space and change processes in healthcare organisations

Dr Lilliemay (Lily) Cheung – Patient-centred care, health service co-creation patient experience

Dr Robyn King – Management control systems in healthcare

Dr Saeed Akhlaghpour – Digital transformation & social media in health

Dr Stuart Middleton - Political contests between different societal institutions

Dr Oliver Canfell - Digital health transformation 

Dr Toby Hodgson - IT within the healthcare system 

Dr Zara Taba - Service research 

Cross-Faculty Partnerships

Professor Stephen Birch - Taylor Chair and Centre Director; Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH)

Professor Trevor Russell - RECOVER Injury Research Centre (HABS) 

Dr Lisett Pregelj - School of Chemistry and Molecular Biology 

Dr Sue McAvoy - Centre for the Business and Economics of Health

PhD Students

Rebecca Hamilton

Perrin Moss 

Carlos Rincon 

Xianxian Jiang 

Claire Cunningham 

Grace Williams 

Javad Pool 

Future of Health Research

Our research on the Future of Health has a strong focus on being industry-relevant and high-impact, benefiting stakeholders in the health sector. We provide insights and encourage engagement with leading healthcare providers and policymakers at a local and global level.

The work of UQ Business School offers unique value to healthcare providers, complimenting health driven research outcomes from clinical trials. Practitioners place high-value on the different methods and insights we bring.

Managing for Transformational Healthcare Change

Our research offers insights into leadership and change management in health organisations, to transform the way healthcare is delivered. Our researchers specialise in organisational development, innovation and corporate governance practices that have future-focused healthcare impact. Projects include evaluations for the State Government into the delivery of new models of mental healthcare services.

Transformative Healthcare Innovations

Digital technologies have the power to transform healthcare delivery, reduce costs and save lives. However globally, its uptake has been slow and fraught with problems. UQ Business School is at the forefront in helping organisations to harness the potential of digital in healthcare, develop new strategies, create more effective models of care and introduce health innovations. Our researchers are currently assessing the transformation of Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital and other flagship IT projects, identifying lessons for others.

Patient Centred Care

Patients are at the heart of the healthcare system, so it is critical to understand and support their needs. UQ Business School experts work with healthcare providers for the delivery of services to diverse groups including rural and remote patients, Indigenous Australians, children, and the elderly to find better ways to address their needs and improve uptake of technology-driven healthcare delivery modes (i.e. telehealth) and patient care platforms (i.e. virtual reality; gamification).

Accountable and Flexible Healthcare Systems

Funding is one of the biggest constraints facing healthcare providers. Our research looks at how best to develop and assess new funding models, invest in new innovative healthcare services, incentivise staff and implement management control systems in healthcare organisations.

UQ Business School’s research expertise complements that of The University of Queensland, which is a global leader in improving the health of populations. Business school staff are involved in projects for UQ’s Centre for the Business and Economics of Health and Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth, Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation, the Centre for Online Health (based at PA Hospital), the UQ Centre for Health Services Research, RECOVER Injury Research Centre and the Digital Health CRC.

Future of Health Projects

2021 Building digitial platforms to support precision prevention of chronic disease. 
BEL Connect Grant - $19,553. 
Researcher: Oliver Canfell, Andrew Burton-Jones, Clair Sullivan, Elizabeth Eakin. 

2021-2022 Optimising the Allied Health Workforce Through an Eco-systems Lens. 
Queensland Health Grant. 
Researcher: Nicole Hartley, Trevor Russell. 

2020 – 2024 Bringing Digital Excellence to Clinical Excellence in Queensland Health. 
Digital Health CRC - $1.485M. 
Researcher: Andrew Burton-Jones, Robyn Littlewood, Clair Sullivan. 

2020-2024 Enhanced data extraction and modelling from electronic medical records and phenotyping for clinical care, and research: Case studies in management of medication stwardship. 
Digital Health CRC - $469,000. 
Researcher: Guido Zuccon, Clair Sullivan, Ash Rahimi, Sally Shrapnel, Andrew Burton-Jones. 

2020 From Volume to Value with Data Analytics: Improving Patient Outcomes, Employee Well-being and General Practice (GP) Clinical Performance. 
BEL Connent Grant - $17,000. 
Researcher: Janet McColl-Kennedy, Mieke van Driel, Christoph Breidbach, Johnson, T, Dawda, Paresh, Damien Hine, Mohammed Zaki. 

Past Projects 

2018 Development of an active video game for the long-term maintenance of exercise of people with COPD. 
UQ Faculty of Helath and Behavioural Science and Metro North Hospital and Health Science (CISS) Research Collaboration Seeding Grant $39,535. 
Researcher: Trevor Russell, Nicole Hartley, Allison Mandrusiak, Jennie Money. 

2017-2020 Home Telehealth Adoption in the Aging Population: Consumer Perspectives. 
NHMRC $352,000. 
Researcher: Trevor Russell, Deborah Theodoros, Nicole Gillespie, Nicole Hartley, Len Gray, Anne Hill. 

2017-2020 Improving quality of care for people with dementia in the acute care setting. 
NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Grants $1.86m.  
Researcher: Melinda Martin-Khan, Len Gray, Nancye Peel, John Hirdes, Amanda Henderson, Elaine Pascoe, Nicole Gillespie, Brant Fries, Veronique Boscart, Julia Crilly. 

2017-2019 Understanding and Improving the Effective Use of Electronic Medical Records. 
UQ Development Fellow (Strategic Research Fellowship) Teaching release.  
Researcher: Professor Andrew Burton-Jones. 

2017-2019 Using Electrnic Medical Records Effectively and Aligning to a Digital Healthcare Vision. 
Queensland Health $278,000. 
Researcher: Professor Andrew Burton-Jones. 

2017-2018 Electronic Medical Records and a Digital Healthcare Vision: Benefits Evaluation.  
Metro South Hospital $234,000. 
Researcher: Professor Andrew Burton-Jones. 

2016-2020 Evidence-based Approach to Evaluating Strategic Transformation. 
Mater Misericordiae LTD $300,000.  
Researcher: Andrew Burton-Jones, Victor Callan (CBEH).

2016-2019 Exploring the Value of Telehealth in Primary Care: A Controlled Trial within the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 
NHMRC Partnership Grant $465 165 + matched funding from RFDS. 
Researcher: Len Gray, Anthony Smith, Jenny Whitty, Elaine Pascoe, Geoffery Mitchell, Trevor Russell, Nicole Gillespie, Oscar Whitehead, Anita Hansen.

2016-2018 20 Modelling Multidimensional Multiparty Decisions to Improve Outcomes for Customers and Service Providers: New Theory and Measurement Tools.
ARC Discovery Grant $330 000.
Researcher: Janet McColl-KennedyLen Coote, Claire Wainwright, Scott Bell, Michael Brady.

2016-2018 Redesigning skin cancer early detection and care.
NH&MRC Partnership Grant $596 600 ($178 259 UQ).
Researcher: Monika Janda, Peter Soyer, Lois Loescher, Nicole Gillespie, Dimitrios Vagenas.

2015-2018 Examining the Effectiveness of Patient-centred Practices on Health Outcomes.
ARC Linkage Grant $1.1 million (including $180 00 from ARC).
Researcher: Pennie Frow, Janet McColl- Kennedy, Adrian Payne.

2015-2018 A Telehealth Framework for BushKids.
BUSHKids (industry grant, funding for PhD scholarship + 0.2 FTE RA).
Researcher: Deborah Theodoros, Trevor Russell, Nicole Gillespie, Nicole Hartley, Annie Hill.

2014-2018 The Centre of Excellence in Telehealth.
NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence Grant $2,495,357 over 5 years (3 year PhD scholarship and 3 year half time post-doc funding to UQBS).
Researcher: L. Gray, D. Theodoras, A Smith, N. Gillespie, N. Hayman, T. Russell, P. Soyer, & J. Whitty.

Getting to the heart of the matter: rural and remote health research has value 

 rural and remote health research has value

Future of Health's Professor Stephen Birch and UQ health economists have partnered with a rural health and medical research network to shine a light on the value of rural health research. 

Published August 2021

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The digital health generation 

The digital health generation

How Queensland is leading the way in healthcare transformation. 

Future of Health's Professor Andrew Burton-Jones discusses how his work with the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre is helping to digitize and transform healthcare delivery in Queensland. 

Published August 2021

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How AI will improve health care in 2030

How AI will improve health care in 2030

Future of Health member Claire Cunningham and Associate Professor Nicole Hartley were featured in the UQBS Momentum Magazine. Claire provides insights into prdictions around how AI will improve healthcare in the year 2030.  

Published July 2021

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Healthcare policy makers and shapers discuss Queensland’s future of health

System-wide technology reform, digital hospitals, technology implementation and out-patient customer experience for chronic disease management were all items on the agenda at a recent panel in conversation regarding the future of health in Queensland.

Published September 2019

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New technologies for recovery science in the digital era

Future of Health co-lead and MBA Director Dr Nicole Hartley was recently featured in a podcast alongside UQ’s Department of Physiotherapy Professor Trevor Russell discussing the complementary research angles of technology in service, telehealth and physiotherapy.

Published August 2019

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Business Insights

Emergency Departments as places of social inclusion in pandemics

Emergency Departments serve an important frontline function in Australia’s public health system as “places of social inclusion” where people with acute medical needs can go to receive free access to care and treatment.

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Assessing the digital hospital transformation

The Digital Hospital transformation represents a multi-billion investment by the state to improve the delivery of healthcare to Queenslanders. It is important to evaluate the investment.  

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Actionable Intelligence - Delivering the right information into the right hands – System dynamics and the case-study of emergency care

Frontline emergency service providers in Queensland are struggling to serve unprecedented growth in demand, and it is putting patient lives at risk. There has been no change over the last 10 years in wait times for emergency departments (AIHW).

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