How could an MBA change your life? (infographic)

You already know how enrolling in an MBA will change your life now. It’s a time investment, a financial investment and even an emotional investment.

But what makes it worthwhile is how graduating with an MBA will change your life. In the infographic below, we’ve explored MBA statistics and outcomes including:

  • the average salary in Australia after completing an MBA
  • the jobs available for MBA graduates
  • the highest-paying MBA jobs
  • the odds of making a career change after completing an MBA
  • the MBA ROI after 10 years
  • satisfaction and outcomes for MBA graduates.

MBA stats and outcomes

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  • 100% of UQ MBA graduates seeking a new role find it within 3 months
  • Common high-paying jobs and salaries for Australian MBA graduates:
    • CEO ($182k)
    • Director of Operation ($162k)
    • CFO ($159k)
    • Marketing Director ($159k)
    • COO ($156k)
    • Commercial Manager ($150k)
    • National Sales Manager ($130k)
    • General Manager ($127k)
    • Financial Controller ($126k)
    • Senior Business Analyst ($114k)

Salary and ROI

  • UQ MBA graduates earn up to $60K more than peers who graduate from other Australian programs
  • 91% of recruiters plan to hire MBA graduates
    *GMAC, 2021
  • 10-year ROI of up to 325% for MBA alumni from top-ranked schools

Course satisfaction

  • 82% of full-time MBA graduates rate the overall value of their education as outstanding or excellent
  • 93% would study their program again knowing what they know now
  • On average, full-time MBA graduates agreed or strongly agreed that their program:
    • Prepared them for leadership positions
    • Increased their earnings power
    • Prepared them for their chosen career
    • Developed their professional network
    • Prepared them to work in culturally diverse organisations
    • Offered them opportunities for quicker career advancement
  • Full-time MBA graduates found their program:
    • Personally rewarding (95%)
    • Professionally rewarding (91%)
    • Financially rewarding (79%)

Spotlight on the UQ MBA

  • Ranked #1 overall for Queensland
  • Ranked #1 worldwide for student quality
  • 96% of alumni satisfied with the practical relevance of the MBA
  • 96% of alumni would recommend the program to a friend