Welcome the robots… they are going to make work more rewarding

21 Dec 2018

Robots have their place in our world — present and future. Currently, a robot holds the Guinness world record for solving the Rubik’s cube. Robots clean our floors. They can be trained to walk up stairs, pick up objects and even open doors. Next generation robots will offer even more advantages especially where tasks are simple and routine on the one hand, or cognitively complex on the other.

Businesses that understand the importance of the interconnection between the digital, physical and social worlds will reap the benefits of integrating AI and robots in the future. It can be a differentiator. Cognitive systems (AI) are transforming the way we live and work in diverse ways, ranging from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer to the security of online transactions. In the information age, people and organisations are able to make better decisions on the design and management of the customer experience.

Find out how robots and AI can transform your business in the latest article from Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy in Business Woman Media.