Not just a bowl of fries: Plant-based menus take root in Brisbane

10 January 2020

When Jade Sharp moved to Brisbane eight years ago, she had been a vegan for about two years but she struggled to find much in the way of food offerings. Valley-goers looking for a quick meat-free bite will have another option on Brunswick Street, with the northern expansion of a well-known franchise, Lord of the Fries – headed by Sharp herself.

Sharp says she wanted to open the store eight years ago but "just knew Brisbane wasn't ready". But now she says it is, following a range of high-profile documentaries and increased public awareness of the health, ethical and environmental considerations behind a plant-based diet, along with big supermarkets and international fast-food chains opening consumers' eyes to meat alternatives.

Read more via Brisbane Times, as UQ hospitality researcher and former chef Associate Professor Richard Robinson talks about the hospitality industry and how it has changed. 

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