With the success of last year's inaugural event, the Trust, Ethics and Governance Alliance (TEGA) will be hosting its second annual summit – this time as a two-part webinar series! Hear from our world-class researchers and experienced industry leaders who will share cutting-edge insights through interactive panel discussions and practical research presentations. 

Webinar Series Part 1 – Tokyo Olympics Debrief: Lessons on integrity in sport

The highly visible platform of sport can provide some relatable and useful guidance for integrity for broader society and sectors beyond sport. This panel will provide some fascinating insights into trust, ethics and governance issues in sport, and how they have been addressed in practice, drawing upon a formidable combination of research and applied expertise. With Brisbane the official host for the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, and 2021 being an unusual Olympic and Paralympic year, we undertake a timely discussion based on integrity in sport and draw broader insights for business leaders.

Discussion Points:

  • What trust, ethics and governance lessons can we learn from sports scandals?
  • How does sport ensure fairness and equality? Is it succeeding?
  • How are trust, ethics and governance embedded in sport strategy?
  • Why are diversity and inclusion in sport important for us all?
  • How does the legacy of mega-event inspire new generations – what evidence do we have?
  • What are the key integrity issues in sport that can help inform business and societal best practice?

The panel will include:

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To get a glimpse of this event, watch our highlights video from last year's Summit.

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